5 Things You May Not Know About Jen

Meet the instructor

Meet Jen

Jen has been a Pilates instructor and personal trainer for 8 years. Jen used to be a ballerina and figure skater, meaning music is in her blood and her form on the bike is second to none. Jen started teaching Rhythm Cycling in 2016, she was one of the original teachers at Absolute Cycle.

5 things you may not know about Jen:

1. I was a figure skater for most of my childhood & teenage years (and had a comeback in my 20s!). I miss the ice but not the practice times…and I get SUPER excited every 4 years when the Winter Olympics rolls around ⛸

2. I have child-sized feet. I can easily fit into the kids’ section at Nike…which makes shop assistants laugh but saves me a few $$ ?

3. I love a trashy action movie. Give me The Rock, Jason Statham & a bunch of cars blowing up & I’m super happy ?

4. I hate running. No really. I’d rather deadlift my bodyweight for an hour than run for 5 minutes. I’ve tried & tried but we just don’t get along ?️‍♀️

5. Noodles are life. And chocolate. And gelato ? I usually eat pretty well but put any of those 3 things in front of me & they’re gone. ???