Absolute Cycle is not only a workout class, it is an experience! The Absolute Cycle Methodology has been developed by the most experienced and talented Master Instructors to create our unique sequences. We combine the interactive connection with other riders and the power of the breath to take you on a start to finish journey during your ride. This powerful synergy creates a dynamic, innovative workout that also provides an experience that our customers are coming back for more of, every single day.

At Absolute Cycle all you need to do is follow the lead of your inspirational instructor to smash out an intense fitness workout unlike any other. Let the lights dim as your instructor pumps up the volume to lead you on a mind-blowing, heart-pounding, multi-sensory ride.


Where ordinarily, traditional spin classes are focused on the individual, Absolute Cycle creates an environment where riders ride together and create and feed off a group energy. It’s a place where no one is left behind. It’s a place to come not just to work out, it’s a place to work it out.

We make sure that you will burn fat through cardio, strengthen the core, ignite the energy and bring yourself to life.


Our inspirational instructors are fitness enthusiasts who are committed to pushing you past your personal boundaries. They are an integral part of the Absolute Cycle brand, community and rider’s lives. In each class, they create an interactive performance and journey that allows you to let go of your inhibitions, clear your head and empower yourself with the strength that lasts beyond the studio walls. We believe positive change is contagious, so you are welcome to meet the crew!