Committed to 15 Rides – K. Bongpavee Waratjirunthanin

From becoming more motivated to fine-tuning their healthy habits, our Committed to 15 Rides Challengers achieved incredible success in just 1 month of thrilling daily rides. Check out their stories and let them inspire you to by the incredible benefits of a daily cycling routine can introduce to your wellbeing.

Today we talked with K. Bongpavee Waratjirunthanin, one of the rockstar riders taking the Committed to 15 rides challenge. She shared what motivated her to take the challenge and the incredible results she achieved in only 30 days…

What motivated you to sign up for the challenge? 

My professional life doesn’t allow me to have much time for myself, much less, time to work out. In November, after 2 years of a passive membership with Absolute You, I decided that was time to do something for me. That commitment to myself started with a workout routine and the Committed to 15 Rides challenge was right there to prove to myself. 15 rides in 30 days for a person without workout habits seemed challenging, the prize very interesting, so I thought, why not?

Rhythm cycling is something very new in Thailand, and I couldn’t be happier to be able to practice it. I’ve got lots of friends, I enjoy the time I’m on the bike, and it couldn’t be more satisfied with the amazing changes I see on my body and my way to face up to things.

What was your favorite part of the challenge?

I loved the sense of friendship and community that was created with the challenge. We were all in it together, whether we were excited about classes or admitting that we were struggling. I have got new friends that push me every day to come to take a class. Every time one of us got a stamp for the ride done, would share it immediately on group line. It was fun how seriously we all took the challenge. It was great to see that I wasn’t alone.

What type of results did you see or feel after the challenge is over?

I felt stronger! I also started a program with Absolute FitFood, so by eating better, I wasn’t hungry all the time and started snacking less. During the challenge, I lost 3 kilos and my body fat percentage dropped 3%. I also have more energy for my workouts. I will definitely sign up for another challenge again!

Thank you K. Bongpavee Waratjirunthanin for your inspirational testimonial. We are glad to help you to achieve your goals for a healthier and happier life. See you on the bike!

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