Committed to 15 Rides – K. Janatip Bhokavanij

How K. Janatip Bhokavanij, Absolute Cycle rider kept their New Year’s Resolution by clipping in over 30 times in 30 days

Last month K. Janatip Bhokavanij took up the challenge riding over 30 times, taking the New Year’s Challenge – Committed to 15 very seriously! After reaching her goal, and receiving her amazing gifts, we look back and tell you how the pack and inspirational instructors kept her motivated. We also asked her which rides bring them good memories and how Absolute Cycle is changing her life…

We look back with K. Janatip Bhokavanij, who rocked 30 rides, to tell you how the pack and inspirational instructors kept her motivated. We also asked her which rides bring her good memories and how Absolute Cycle is changing her life…

What first brought you to Absolute Cycle?

I was already a member of Absolute You when K. Ben brought rhythm cycling to Thailand. I heard about it due to the success of it in US, so I didn’t hesitate into try it.

Fitness has been part of my whole life. While I love Pilates, I have been looking for an energizing and fun cardio workout that could also target specific areas of my body; butt, hips, and thighs, as well as work my core to complement my Pilates exercise.

Tell us about your first ride. How did it feel?

My first ride was at theCOMMONS studio. I was one of the first members to try rhythm cycling with Absolute Cycle and I loved it. The music, the instructor, the environment. I felt so good and excited about this new workout. My coordination was ok, however, as a beginner, I couldn’t do the double times. That was actually my motivation point to come back until I got it right. When it happened, it was a breakthrough of emotions. It just feels great to enjoy the endorphins of 30-second sprints. 

How has Absolute Cycle impacted you physically / emotionally or both?

My professional life pushes me hard over my limits. My schedule is very tight and stressful, so I really need my outlet to get it fixed. When this challenge came up, I was actually on vacation so I set the goal to do a class every single day during the campaign period. And I did it! Better than that I saw immediate changes on my body. Much leaner, toned and I could see the abs line coming up…hahaha

Has clipping in influenced you in any other ways?

The impact on my body has been positive, of course, but it was by riding where I realized that there is more than how my body looks like on the outside that gets me through class, but it’s the strength I have on the inside that keeps me coming for more.

You rocked 30 rides in February. What made you take the challenge?

Definitely the challenge, and how that motivated me to set a goal of doing a class every day. By the end, I was doing that for myself, not really to only score rides.

So was the goal of 15 classes within 30 days easy or difficult to achieve?

Because I enjoy riding so much, I have to say it was not that difficult for me to reach that goal. Additionally, I made myself accountable by announcing my goal to friends and family. Sure, there were days that it was hard to get to the studio, but knowing how I would feel the end of each and every class kept me coming back.

Do you have any particular rides or memories at Absolute Cycle that stand out to you?

All the classes are unique because of the music, the instructor, however, I must say the most memorable class I had was when I mastered the 1,2 (laugh).
Thank you K. Janatip Bhokavanij for sharing your story with us. Thank you for keep challenging yourself every day at Absolute Cycle. We look forward to seeing you on the bike.

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