I was called as one of the most energetic person! I love dancing, traveling and partying :X This is the reason that I joined Rhythm Cycling class at Absolute Cycle. I found myself being more of myself in the best version on the bike, in the darkroom with all the light and the music. Two years passed, I also found that this is not only the thing that I love but it becomes my happiness and passion. Seeing all the instructors giving all their energy to riders, to me, and think about what if I become those people who can give all my positive and crazy energy to others … and Here I come! 🙂


Mookvadee Sivaleeravilas


Favorite Move on the bike

Tap back – push and body waveeee!!

Favorite artist

Blackpink, BTS, Cardi B, The Weeknd, Pink Sweat$, Lany

Guilty Pleasure

Milk tea, milk tea and milk tea

What I teach