Years ago, I was a really chubby girl. In fact, I had always been a big girl since a young age. I lost confidence, thinking I didn’t look great enough as I was pretty chubby, and to tell you the truth, I super hated going to the gym and all types of exercises. I didn’t even consider making an effort of hitting the gym for a workout. One day, I decided to do something for myself, just for a change. I went to Absolute Cycle rhythm cycling class and totally fell in love with it. I then joined 26 classes in a row in just only one month. I started losing weight. In 10 months, I lost 12 kg. I started seeing myself getting in shape. My body has become much stronger. I love myself more and more and have become more confident. Rhythm cycling not only helps me with my physical appearance, but also helps me with my attitude toward myself, and here I am, a Rhythm Cycling instructor. Every time I’m on the bike, either as a rider or as an instructor, I feel a connection with my true self. This helps me to reset, relax, and become less stressed out. As an instructor, I would like to deliver everything that I experienced as rider to my own crew. The experience and the journey are surely wonderful and exceptional.


Pippat S. Sompalasin


Favorite Move on the bike

Triple threat, Medium jog


What I teach

Rhythm Cycling