Tae Dextor loves dancing, moving and expressing himself. He thrives outside of his comfort zone and feels most alive when facing challenges. He helped lead the Thai National Cheerleading team to become the first ever non-US team to get a gold medal in the world championships. He joined the cast of the Dance Dance Dance Thailand reality show where he pushed his limits as a dancer. With his husband, he launched the YouTube channel Picnicly as a platform to share his message of universal love and acceptance.

When he found Rhythm Cycle he realized he finally found a job that combines his love for dance and his passion for healthy living. A passion that was sparked 10 years ago when he started practicing yoga and became vegetarian and continues today. Check out his Instagram for fun tips to lead a healthy life.






Favorite Move on the bike

My class is all about hot V-shape abs. I love pushing people harder than they thought possible and helping them get in touch with their inner dancer.

Favorite artist

Madonna always brings me back to my soul.

Guilty Pleasure

I love blueberry muffins. I can have 5 muffins after exercising. Yaz!

What I teach

Rhythm Cycling