(15 mins)

Foundation orientates riders with the setup of the bike to match your body dimensions, shows you how to clip your shoes into the pedals, how to find the beat of the music and the basic moves. Also introduces form and safety guidelines. Minimum of one class required.


(45 mins)

A class designed for beginners, riders returning from injury, with limitations or those who are new to  cardio. Expect a slow to medium pace class with fun, simple moves. The focus is on form, catching the rhythm and working with resistance. An excellent entry level class also ideal for any rider that is looking to improve or correct form or focus on specific areas of their ride.


(45 mins)

A class designed with a focus on cardio ability. The class takes riders through a journey of endurance and HIIT intervals centering the attention on breathing and working with resistance at medium and fast paces. The focus is on improving overall cardio ability and endurance. This is an advanced class and requires experience of around 25+ classes. This will push you to your limit.


(45 mins)

A class designed to develop balance and stability through a sequence that will test your core strength. Riders are taken through a journey of slow to fast paced music with focus on abdominal work and engaging the core. Taken regularly this class will help you develop a stronger, firm to touch core and visible definition in the abdominal and glutes. Suitable for riders who are moving up from Absolute Essentials.


(45 mins)

Focus on the upper body, with an extra arm weights section and dynamic movements throughout the sequence. You will feel that your biceps, triceps, pectorals get a deeper workout through this class with enough cardio to keep the body burning calories and creating a longer, leaner and toned body. This is a great sequence to mix with our Build and Burn programs to get a targeted  all over body workout.


(45 mins)

Gain the confidence you need to go the distance. A standard class for all levels designed for those who have a good cardio base or exercise regularly. One foundation class required to learn about technique. Sweat guaranteed. Prepare to move.


(60 mins)

Faster, harder, more powerful. It’s amazing what an extra 15 minutes can do. A little more challenge, a little more sweat, a lot more Absolute Cycle. A 60 minute class designed for those who have ridden the rhythm before or have taken at least 10 ABSOLUTE BEATS CLASSES. One foundation class required.


(45 mins)

Looking for a daily way to re–energize your afternoon? Try our lunch
bumping cardio ride! A 45-minute class that will help you to get your blood flowing as long as fire up your metabolism long after you clip out.


(45 mins)

Come take a class on us! Ride and experience the empowering combination of community. Friends, Colleagues, all are welcome! In this ride we focus on the pack and leave all competition behind as we pedal collectively towards the beat of the music creating a beautifully unified assembly that moves and grooves for tons of fun.


(45 mins)

Join the party with these special theme rides. Music, holidays, era’s, artists vs. artists basically any excuse for our instructors to PARTY. We’re adding new themes all the time, so there’s always something for everyone!


(45 mins)

Absolute Cycle is open to private rides at your convenience and with your own pack. Suitable for private events, birthdays and special occasions.