Breakfast of some Absolute Cycle instructors…

Want a quick, easy and healthy recipe for your breakfast?  Our Absolute Cycle instructors share their breakfast that keeps them energized all morning… check it out!


I usually make green smoothie for breakfast. Today, I use kale, avocado, cos, lettuce, lime, gooseberries, banana, almond butter, almond milk, Spirulina, and vanilla protein. This smoothie contains high in fiber and protein, it gives me the energy boost to start my day.


Breakfast is my favorite meal. Today I have soft boiled eggs, yogurt with mango, and a protein shake with coconut water. Also, some supplements to fulfill my systems; Vitamin B, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-12 and Milk Thistle.

Fay Fay

Breakfast is best when it’s homemade. This recipe is super simple, from the bottom of the jar – frozen spinach, cucumber, blueberries, frozen banana, papaya & blended with almond milk and chia seeds. I pour it into a to-go cup and BOOM!, I’m ready to go.


The best way to start my day is by having a breakfast prepared by my mom. I enjoy the love she puts on the plate. Today I have a big portion of veggies, boiled eggs, and whole wheat bread with strawberry jam…simple and delicious!


Smoothie bowl is life. These are some of my favorite things to put in my breakfast bowl: frozen banana, passion fruit, kale, baby spinach, spirulina powder, kale powder, coconut water and greek yogurt. I top it with cacao nibs, buck wheat, banana, some muesli and dried fruit. So tasty and filling!


It’s a simple plate, but to me, simplicity equals to best results and it’s easiest on the schedule! These are organic, free range eggs, avocado toast, papaya and passion fruit, and COFFEE. Perfection!

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